Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Being A Mommy...

Since I've been doing this "Mothering" thing for seven years now, here are a few things I've figured out so far:

  • one can go days without a shower, if necessary
  • one CAN go outside of the house without makeup on, I can't believe at one time I actually thought you could not.
  • pb & j for lunch 5 times a week isn't excessive, if that is what the kids want to eat
  • random "I love you Mommy" moments are becoming less and less frequent as kids age
  • you make mistakes, you tRy and learn from them and MoVe On
  • counting 'till three before speaking when you're mad is really hard...especially when massive messes are involved
  • you can make or break the day, simply by your attitude towards it
  • you can't do it alone, and you're not supposed to, that is why you need God
  • one can become indifferent towards constast clutter if they are exposed to it long enough
  • accidents will happen, daily
  • children are NoT born sweet and innocent
  • once cleaned, your bathroom will not stay that way for more than one hour
  • I realize that I still have a LoT to learn

Just a few random thoughts, oh, and that is another thing I've learned since becoming a Mommy. Random, fleeting thoughts are common....wait, what was I doing again?

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  1. Cute photo :)
    Love this post... its amazing how much our lives change :) and how much patience we learn along the way!

  2. so sweet...glad you joined us this week!

  3. sorry, i hit publish before i was finished! wanted to say that i whole-heartedly agree with your whole list too :)

  4. Great list! It's amazing how much things change once the littles come along. Cute photo! =)

  5. you can't do it alone, and you're not supposed to, that is why you need God


  6. Great post! We definitely change and learn new things every day and more so being a mom.


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