Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Memories 2010

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and made many new memories amid flying wrapping paper and stuffed bellies. We had a great day, it really was one of the least stressful Christmases we've had since the kids came.

Here is Hubby and I looking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay tired, because we were. Oldest was up at 4, yes 4 am. It was so much fun trying to keep him in bed until we opened gifts at 6:30. I heard him up and stirring, worried he might be trying to sneak into gifts I got up and found him in the hallway rubbing his hands together going, "Hee hee hee". It was cute, even at four in the morning.

The kids really enjoyed opening their gifts. We buy three gifts for each of our kids, just as baby Jesus received three gifts from the wise men. We've also decided this year will mark the first year of no more "wish lists" for presents. Each child will receive whatever is bought for them, and honestly it helped to cut down on the gimme gimme's.

I explained to them that since Christmas isn't just about gifts, we need to be thankful for whatever we receive just as we are thankful for the gift of salvation that we've received. I know it's a hard sell to tell kids it's not just about the presents, and by not letting them make a list I think it's a way to downplay the whole present aspect of things.

On Christmas eve we went on a long neighborhood walk and saw a huge flock of wild turkeys walking around. I've never seen such a large group before, usually just one or two at a time. The kids were excited, and starting running down the street trying to chase them. The turkeys weren't impressed and took off.

We tuckered them out and on the way home they all found a bench and proceeded to park it and whine, "We're tired!" Mission accomplished for Mommy! I really wanted to wear them out somewhat since they all were bouncing off the walls with it being Christmas eve. I really enjoyed our walk, that might become a new Christmas eve tradition for us.

Hoping your enjoying these last few days of 2010. Can you believe 2011 is around the corner? Amazing.

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  1. oh, what a sweet peek into your Christmas. thanks so much for sharing! love the idea about getting the kiddos tired out. hehe. :o)


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