Friday, December 10, 2010

Beaded Wire Keyrings

So, my workshop is in full swing over here making Christmas gifts. Last night I made these.

Just simple glass bead and wire key rings. I had some beads left over from another project, and those along with some wire and a few split rings and before you know it I had five ready for gift giving.

They are very simple. I used a pair of needle nose pliers to help me make the swirls on the end of each strand of beads. Three varied lengths of beaded wire twisted together is all this is. I like that I used metal wire too, since it holds shapes the recipients can play around with them and customize the look a bit if they want too.

I attached the wire strands to a necklace pendant loop (I'm not sure what else you'd call it), and then threaded the loop through the split ring. That was all there was to it, pretty simple.

I plan on giving one to most of the ladies in the family for Christmas this year, I hope they like them! As you can probably tell, I'm all about using what I have to make gifts this year. Trying to buy as little as possible.

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  1. I like them...I like the color combinations. You did a nice job wrapping the wire (not one of my talents). I think the thing you are referring to is what is called a bale (but I am not an expert so I might be wrong).

  2. These are great!! I love your idea of making gifts from what you already have. Sometimes to go nd and buy new materials for homemade gifts cost more or the same as buying a regular gift! great creativity. Very inspiring

  3. These are so neat. Thank you for sharing at Holly bloggy.


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