Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't Let Them Rain on Your Parade!

So I know you all have heard this before, don't let others rain on your parade. One place that you especially need to remember that is here in blogland. The buffer of a computer screen can be both a blessing and a curse. It can allow us to share our most inner thoughts and feelings with a feeling of safety-no face to face interactions necessary.

However it can also bring out those who use the buffer of the computer screen to write mean spirited and unkind words to others. In the forms of "constructive" criticism, unkind comments or unsolicited advice. We as bloggers need to keep in mind that when they try to rain on our parade, let those words roll right off you. Easier said than done, but it's still necessary. There will always be those, (I am inclined to think the Devil is in the details here) who's words do more harm than good or come across as less than helpful. I am by no means calling anyone out in particular, just making a general observation from my dealings in the world of, "social media".

In fact, I had a subscriber the other day ask me how they could, "delete me" because they didn't know how to do it. They started following my blog because of my crafting and decorating ideas, but once they realized, "that wasn't all you were about" they didn't want to follow me anymore.

Really? Is life so compartmentalized that we have to keep our blogs on topic at all times, only writting about certain things? Nope. So don't feel pigeon-holed into writting about the popular topics of the day, write what is on your heart, what is real in your life, be the real you and those that are interested will read with interest. Those that aren't, don't let 'em rain on your parade-it's your life, live and write about it how you want to!