Thursday, December 16, 2010

Girls Rule, Boys ...

Daughter and I having cuddle time in Daddy's chair this morning.

Going through pictures lately, I've discovered that I don't have as many pictures of just her and I together as I do with the boys. Not sure why, but I'm on the mission to remedy that.

However, someone just couldn't handle not being in the picture....

So he made sure that it happened. Maybe this has something to do with my lack of Mommy/Daughter shots?

On another note, have you read about my Christmas project of writing letters to our kids? If not, click here for more info.

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  1. Sweet shots! I love how your little guy snuck in the last one.

    Popping in from EtC

  2. Fun - good plan to remedy the problem.

  3. your daughter looks JUST like you!

  4. precious time with the little lady!

  5. Love it! I was trying to get pics of my daughter today and half of them had somebody else's hand, foot, or hair in them!


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