Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fabric and Lace Ornaments

So here are some more ornaments that I have been working on. Again, I had all the supplies on hand and didn't buy anything.

The fabric ones are made with styrofoam forms, I had both circle and egg shapes. I just cut fabric strips and pinned them on. I used the same strips to make the little "tails" and then just used a colored pin to attach the green cording for hanging.

The egg shaped ones turned out ok, I think I like the circle one better.

The lace snowflakes were ones I had bought several years back, but never really hung them up. They tended to get lost on the tree since they were smaller. So I used them, along with some cording and vintage painted mini wooden ornaments to make these.

I just used the cording to "sew" two snowflakes together and then attached the mini ornament to the front and tied it off. I used white embroidery floss to make loops for hanging.

Please click on "Linky Parties I love" to see where I'll be sharing. Have you made anything handmade for gifts yet this year? Not too late to get started!

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