Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I sometimes wish I lived in a cave. Yes, it would be isolated. It would be solitary. It would be cut off from the rest of the world. Sometimes I want to be cut off from the rest of the world. I want to not deal with issues and problems that we all face. I would love to be able to only hear my own voice and those of my kids and hubby. Nobody else's. I wouldn't have to deal with other people's opinions, judgements or advice. Heaven is gonna be awesome.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yesterday our local library had a book sale, yea!! Picked up about 25 books in all, spent a total of $7! Mostly kids books, a few for me. Even found a few I'm going to give my FIL for Christmas. Don't tell him!

My kids have two short bookcases in the living room that are full of books. I'm pretty particular about not having an overabundance of things, house is too small for that. Books are my only exception, especially children's books. But I'm all about quality literature. I don't like fluff stuff, it needs to have some actual merit.

I also found several books for myself, which I was really excited about because most of the time when I go book hunting I find things for the kids but not so much for myself. I am the type of person that has to "read" things several times before really finishing something. I skim the first few times but to really read and glean something takes me several passes.

Excited to have some new things to look at. Pretty soon I'll be able to cuddle up with a cup of cider or tea at night and read once the kids are asleep. Sounds heavenly!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweater Time

Ok, so I'm ready for fall. To quote a movie who's title I can't remember that featured high school cheerleaders (you can guess how long ago that was), "Bring it". Bring on fall. Fire hued leaves, cool and crisp air, our cities annual "harvest festival", pumpkins everywhere you look and tights for church. I'm ready. Fall, you are my favorite seasonal friend, always have been. I remember being six years old and sitting on our front porch admiring all the pretty changing leaves and multicolored sunsets.

I was blessed and fortunate enough to find the above adorable sweaters for $1 apiece at a local children's resale shop. Discarded to the dollar rack, I'm not sure why. I know that DS#2 will look adorable in them. Sure to bring lots of compliments when we go to church.

Thank you Lord for small treasures. Changing leaves, apple cider and warm sweaters.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parenting Is Hard

So tonight is the kickoff of "Breakout" at church. Sort of like a evening Sunday School for kids. DS #1 and DD are totally excited about it. Been talking about it ALL summer. I'm even going to be the "coach" for my DD class.

DS #1 has food allergies. No gluten (wheat) or casein (dairy). Been that way since he was two and a half. Last six months, no let's say year, has been challenging with him. He's bucking the diet, sneaking into food. We finally had to put a lock on the fridge and keep pretty much anything he can't eat out of reach. Well, today he decided to drink my coffee (with creamer) which he knows is a big no no. So, no Breakout for him. It's gonna be a loooooonnnnngggggg day. Parenting is hard, pushovers need not apply.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Stitch In Time

My MIL invited me to a quilt show this past weekend. I've recently really started to develop an appreciation for them that I've not had before. My favorites are the "old fashioned" quilts. The kind you'd find on Antiques Roadshow or squirreled away in an older relatives cedar chest. The hand that made those quilts were ones of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Using things like flour sacks, clothing, curtains and old bedsheets to make something new. I've even seen a quilted jacket made out of ribbons once used to tie bundles of cigars.

I took my four year old daughter with us. I want to start exposing her to the beauty of things made by hand. I don't know if kids nowadays really are getting exposed to art like they should. School budget cuts have done away with pretty much all art in grade school. Parents forgo "messy" art projects and instead give their kids the obligatory crayons and markers to create their masterpieces. I sometimes am guilty of this and find myself telling my kids no when they want to paint, just because I don't want to clean up the mess. So much is to be learned by creating things with your own hands, in whatever medium you use.

Besides, personally I think there is a great life lesson to be learned by looking at a quilt. My daughter is too young to see the parallel, but I'm not. Little pieces of various fabric quilted together, making an overall larger and more beautiful picture. I'm surprised they've not made a Hallmark movie of the month yet!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Beauty of the Skies

This scene greeted me this morning when I opened my front door.

This was behind me.

Turning my head to the left.

Turning my head to the right.

How can someone look at this and not see God's love? I find myself humbled and in awe of His creation when something as simple as opening your front door can reveal this.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Apron Strings

"Doris" apron shown above, available at Crate and Barrel

I love aprons. I think they are so "homey". The more vintage and floral, the better. Most aprons I see today look totally utilitarian, you can tell they are solely used to keep your clothes underneath spot free. I like the idea of an apron being an extension of your outfit. It can compliment what you are wearing, or even dress it up. Yes, it's also keeping your clothing protected but it's still a reflection of who you are. I love having pockets in my apron to collect loose cars, legos, and other things until they find their proper home. I love being able to wipe my hands (or gasp, a nose!) at the ready. I just like wearing one. I need to do it more often. I vow to look for aprons that are beautiful and useful and add them to my rotation, only having ones on hand that I truly enjoy wearing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learning As I Go

I'm not a great writer. I don't always use proper grammar or spell check. Please know that in advance. I'm starting this blog for myself as a sort of way to journal and chronicle my life as a wife, mother and homemaker. Something in writing for me to look back on to remember things. I have a horrible memory, anyone that knows me knows this.

I feel that I am constantly learning as I go. I would have named my blog that, but it was already taken. I feel that I'm constantly learning things. How to be a better mom, wife, homemaker, teacher, friend, daughter, sister. Now I don't always impliment what I've learned. In fact my pattern has been that I normally have to learn things the hard way. However, either way it's still learning.