Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Folksy Felt Stars

Last year I made ornaments to give as gifts. This year I wanted to do it again, this is what I came up with. Everything I had on hand, didn't buy a thing. Simple and fairly quick too, this would also be a good craft for a child who's beginning to learn to hand stitch.

I took red felt and cut out four graduated stars. The felt was left over from a gift that I made last year, I overbought so I decided to use it here.

I used my button stash and tried to stick with "patriotic" colors of red/white/blue. I varied the sized and offset them, I was going for a "folk art" look.

I didn't have embroidery floss, but had some white thread and used it instead and it worked fine. The felt is pretty thin so you could see it well, however if you used thicker felt then I'd recommend going with embroidery floss. I just freehanded my stitches, not being super particular about keeping them uniform or even perfectly straight.

I had some white thin ribbon and just stitched them to the backside to use as hangers. I used longer lengths, giving the stars somewhat of a tail. I liked how it looked, it was a bit different than just a simple loop on top.

I think that I'm going to give these in sets of two, one of each size. I have some other ideas for other ornaments to include, and if I make more I'll post them if they turn out.

Even if the idea of making a large handmade item is overwhelming, try something like this as it's fairly simple and they are easy to complete. I did the cutting of the felt on one day and all the assembling on another, total time was probably 2-3 hours. That sounds like a lot, but try doing it while watching tv like I did and it'll fly by.

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  1. First off I love these felt star ornaments! They are adorable! And second, I am IN LOVE with the fact that within your blog are snowflakes falling. Is this a secret how you did this, or can you share via email? Thank you so much! I am also a follower of yours! Love your site!

  2. The tail idea is pretty and unique and by using patriotic colors you've made it a little less seasonal for those who might want to keep it out year around.

  3. I think those are adorable! I need to go find some felt!

  4. I love the handmade ornaments!
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