Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Flower Topiary

I saw this adorable topiary a few days ago here. I love topiaries and wanted to make it, but I wanted mine to be a bit more "Springy" so I tweaked it a bit and came up with this.

So this is what I used. I found the pot at the Dollar Tree, I bought a square foam block and moss there too. I also used stick pins, skewers, scrapbook paper and ribbon that I already had.

To make the flowers, I punched printed scrapbook paper with a 1" circle punch and solid scrapbook paper flowers for the center. I used pearlized stick pins to stick the flowers to the tree, that way I can remove them when I want to or change them out for different seasons.

To make the tree I took four skewers and grouped them together and wrapped them with solid brown ribbon, that was my trunk. I cut the foam block with a serrated knife to a semi ball shape and then hot glued the moss to the outside. Took my "trunk" and stuck the pointed end directly into the top. Then I hot glued it to the inside of the pot, crumpled up a bunch of newspaper to stabilize it and hot glued moss to the top to finish it off.

Love how it turned out. Love the fact that it was so cheap. Love the fact that I can change out the flowers, remove them or leave it as is.

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  1. Oh, I can see that as an Easter topiary, too!

  2. Your tree turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us.

  3. Your take on the topiary is great! Very Springy!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - returning the blog love!

  4. Great job on your topiary. I love that your flowers can be pulled off to change it up when you're ready!

  5. Love it! Dollar Tree Rocks!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!

  6. A cute and creative idea! Full of spring now and easy to change for later! Love it!

  7. VEry cute... I love the little "jewels"
    Have a great day.


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