Monday, November 30, 2009


So, as most parents I have an overabundance of photos of the kidlets. Yes, I do scrapbook. Even then, I don't put every picture I take in my books so I have extras. Most of those extras go to the extended family.

Usually I just make mini albums with my extra pics for family gifts, but this year I'm trying to be a little more creative. I scrounged around my garage/craft studio and came up with some materials. I found some inspiration from a few websites, and poof...the following creations came to life.

Bottlecap Magnets and Push Pins
I used my 1" circle punch and cut out pics and then mod podged them into new bottlecaps. These turned out super cute. Pics where two out of the three kids are looking at the camera make awesome candidates for these bottlecap beauties.

Just hot glue either a magnet or a thumbtack to the backside of your bottlecap and your all set!

Scrabble Photo Easels
Someone gave me the pieces to a Scrabble game and I held onto them, knowing I'd think of something. I painted the wooden tile trays blue using acrylic paint, then hot glued the tiles to the tray, leaving a slight space behind for the photo.

I then finished off the front with some matching ribbon remnants I had and glued two buttons on either end.
I hot glued two tiles to the top backside of the tray, to act as a support for the photo. Otherwise the picture sat in the tray at a weird angle.

Photo Jars
Pint sized Mason jars, new. Took a family pic, backed it with cardstock and scrapbook paper. Slipped it inside the jar, instant photo jar!

Took some vintage handpainted wooden ornaments and hot glued them to the inside bottom of the jar, just to give it some extra cuteness.

Cut a circle of fabric, covered the top of the jar and then embelished with some grosgrain ribbon, rick rack and another ornament.

I decided to screw the ring on over the fabric, thought it looked cuter that way. That's it, super simple. Could also tweak this to use regular glass jars (think old mayo or relish jars).

Photo Wreath
Took a foam wreath from the dollar store and hot glued cardstock circles that had photos mounted on them. I made this pretty simple, next time I'll use some scrapbook paper too. Black and white photos would look awesome in this project!

It was a 10" wreath (I'm pretty sure), I used 9 photos in all. Three different colors of cardstock backers, rotating the colors.
I used a scrap of red grosgrain ribbon and affixed it to the back of my wreath with two "t' pins.

I then embelished the wreath with ribbon bows, ornaments and some mini bells. This would be a great project to use up random odds and ends of craft materials that you have lying around.
I'm linking up my beauties to Kimba's DIY Tuesday:
Get crackin' and make some for the Grandparents for Christmas, they'd love them!

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  1. Great ideas! I am like you and always have way too many pictures that I need something to do with. I love the wreath idea and the scrabble tile frames especially. Good job, those are great gifts and keepsakes sure to be treasured.

  2. They are ALL too cute! I wish I would have known you when my girl was little, and I could have copied all of your great ideas! Thanks for your nice message :)
    Have a fab holiday,

  3. Love the Scrabble frame! That's really clever!


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