Sunday, November 15, 2009

DIY Herbal Bath Tea Bags

I saw this in a blog the other day and wanted to make some for bath baskets I'm working of for Christmas However, I didn't have the tea balls and would need to purchase them. Trying SUPER hard to be creative with what I have on hand for gifts this year. Scrounging around, I found some long lost cheesecloth I've had for years and never opened. So, I decided to make "tea bags" instead. Me thinks they turned out pretty nicely. Here's what I did:
I grabbed my "tools" which were peaking shears, a hole punch, cheesecloth, ribbon, a permanent marker and some pre-cut card stock circles (left over from another project).
I dumped a bunch of herbs in a bowl. I used rosemary, basil, dill and bay leaves. The rosemary and basil leaves were a bit past prime, but still had a nice smell so I am excited I found a use for them instead of cooking.
I cut a rectangle of cheesecloth, triple layered. I was going to just double it, but since the rosemary and bay leaves are a bit "pokey" I didn't want them to snag and rip the cheesecloth. I then tied it up with my ribbon and threaded my card stock tag through before knotting off the ribbon.
I made seven bags in all, perfect for the two bath sets I'm working on for gifts this year. I think they turned out pretty cute, and best of all I didn't spend anything since I used things I already had on hand. Yipee! I'm linking my project up to Kimba's DIY Tuesday!


  1. So this might be dumb but how do you use them? Just throw them in with the bath water?
    I would go buy some Aveda tea today and make some if I had time! Maybe this weekend :) I love me a good bath.
    They are very cool, thanks for the idea!

  2. Shelly, you just toss them in the tub filled with hot water and let them "steep" for five minutes or so. You can leave the bag in the tub while bathing or take it out, up to you. Thanks for stopping by!


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