Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grubbin' Gluten Free Pancakes

So, have you seen those yummy looking "holiday" pancakes they have at IHOP? Now, it's honestly been 5 years since I last ate at an IHOP. However, after seeing the "Pecan Pie" pancakes they currently have for a "limited time", I had to have them! So, today we went., they were delicious!

Anyways, oldest DS has a gluten and casein intolerance. So, you can imagine that his options at IHOP were pretty limited. He ate eggs, bacon, sausage and some country ham while he watched the rest of us scarf down yummy gluten filled pancakes. I promised him when we got home we'd some GF pancakes together. I haven't make them in awhile, so I didn't have a recipe handy. I did my trusty Google search and came across this one:

Looked really easy and I had everything on hand, so I went for it. This is how they turned out. Super yummy and easy to make, which is always a HUGE plus when cooking GF foods. I doubled the recipe and tweaked it a bit, adding 1t vanilla extract and 1t cinnamon. I also decreased the amount of water, only adding a total of 3/4 of a cup. Lastly I used rice milk instead of cow's.
As you can see, my daughter even liked them because she snuck a few bites out of one when I wasn't looking! DS was my "cooker helper" and we had a blast. I love spending special time with the kids one on one, wish I could do it more often but cherish the times when we do. I remember cooking with my "Nanny" in the kitchen, she really taught me the basics of cooking. I was about my DS age (he's six) and I really remember and cherish those memories. I look forward to making my own "kitchen" memories with my kids too.

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  1. These look great-I'll have to try them. My waffle recipe actually came from It's the pumpkin waffle recipe, I substituted apple sauce for the pumpkin. They were super good!

    Thanks for stopping today!

  2. I just had a friend find out she was gluten free - these look perfect :)


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