Monday, January 10, 2011

Night Rides

Last night, after dinner we decided to go on a night ride. When the natives are restless, we load them up and off we go. We started off at dusk, so after playing around with my camera a bit I decided that I was going to take some "artistic" shots as my little point and shoot wasn't going to capture much else with the low lighting.

The horizon.

Sideview mirror and some porch lights.

Some approaching cars.

The freeway.

I don't know how I managed to pull off this one, but I love how the exit sign photographed.

Surprising amount of Christmas lights still up, those made for great shots. The above one is of a big tree that they decorate every year in the "old town" area where we live.

The tree close up, so neat!!


A home still decorated.

Night rides are good for my soul, I always come home in a better mood than I left it in. Definitely try it sometime if you haven't, it's a fun way to spend the night (and you can even go in your jammies!).

Linking up our evening adventures here:


  1. night drives look like fun! sometimes I'll do that during the day if I need some "moments." The kids love it cuz I rock the music really loud :)

  2. I like the tree close up shot. They are all really neat looking though.-
    "My Moma moment" is actually done in the car a lot too. "Please don't disturb the driver" (:


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