Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perception vs. Reality

I've been praying and working on making a shift in my thought process about things that irk me. The stuff that tends to rub you the wrong way, things you'd rather not do, situations that cause you stress. Mostly the little, mundane things that we all do, all can relate to on some level or another. Shifting focus away from the negative and what you don't like to what you've been blessed with instead.

Designing and building a supposed "kid built" project is spending time with your child.

Listening to yet another "play" by ... is an opportunity to watch your child use their mind in an audible and tangible way. You can actually see the way their little minds are working.

Figuring out where to store all you kid's crap I mean stuff means you've been blessed with the ability to provide fun activities for your children.

Sticky, sugary gingerbread houses are family traditions.

Messy painting in the backyard is a chance to watch your child create and make something.

Cleaning up a messy toddler after a meal means they have the ability to feed themselves.

That clingy child that never leaves your lap is a few more moments of cuddle time before they are too old to cuddle anymore.

Those forsaken 20,000 little pieces of stuff all over the house are ways to develop fine motor skills in your child.

More, you say?

Those dirty undies on the floor that NEVER, NEVER EVER make it to the hamper belongs to a husband that comes home to you every night.

Those dirty dishes in the sink waiting to be washed means you have running water in your home.

The dirty bathroom that needs to be cleaned means you have indoor plumbing.

That filthy car that needs to be detailed so badly means you have your own personal means of transportation.

The 20 plus pounds you need to lose means you are in a season of plenty.

The dinner you have to make that you don't want to make means you have the ability to feed your family.

The house that will never stay clean means you have a roof over your head.

The same bedtime story your child asks you to read every night means you can read.

The guilt you feel over not being good enough, worthy of God's love or an adequate mother means you have the ability to think.

The fights you have with the kids over clipping fingernails means they have the ability to be mobile.

The laundry that is constantly in your baskets, hampers, on the floor means you have clothes on your back.

The "mommy burnout" that we feel means we are able to stay home with our children.

I could list more, but I think we all get the point. Switch your thought process a bit. Think about how that "curse" is actually a blessing from our Father. He has given us all that we need, I for one need to start seeing it for how He sees it.

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