Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GFCF Choc-o Crunchie Mix

So, in honor of the world series starting tonight I told my oldest I'd make him some kind of treat. I raided the pantry, this is what I came up with. It's got a few sneaky healthy things in there, although it's so sickingly sweet you'd be hard pressed to peg them.

Got the seal of approval from my 7,5 and 3 year old. Try it, I bet your kiddos will like it too. This would be perfect on top of ice cream, or a bit in a bowl covered with some milk for a crazy cereal dessert.

The ingredients are vegan chocolate chips, gf oatmeal, powdered sugar, rice cereal, ground flax seed and vanilla. You could play around with this. Like subbing rice crispy treats, or pretty much any cereal of your liking. It would be a great way to use up cereal crumbs too. We just used what we did because my oldest needs it to be gluten free and dairy free.

I used 1 bag of vegan chocolate chips (Sunspire brand), 3 C of rice cereal (Hain and Chex both make GF varieties), 1/2 C of rolled oats ( Bob's Red Mill GF oats), 1/4 C ground flax seed (Bob's Red Mill), 1/2 C powdered sugar and 1 t vanilla.

I melted the choc-o chips in the microwave. First off I did half power for 2 minutes, mixing after 1 minute. Then I did full power in 30 second intervals, mixing in between, twice. All the chips won't be melted and that's ok. Just take the bowl out anyway and stir, they will melt. You don't want to completely melt the chips in the microwave or you'll burn the chocolate.

I then added everything else and combined well. It ended up being really thick, so that the cereal crumbled up and didn't hold it's shape. That's why I recommend as an ice cream topping or as a cereal treat as the pieces are smaller and it would be messy to eat straight.

My kids shared a bowl, and they loved it. It's really simple and a great way to whip up something quick. It would also store well in the freezer to have on hand for a last minute treat.

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