Wednesday, July 28, 2010

State Fair 2010

A few moments from our trip to the state fair yesterday. Long day, but always fun.

Cool free pin, that'll be perfect for the scrapbook.

Silly photo of me and number three.

Yummy blue ICEE.

Lots and lots of water. We really lucked out though, the weather was perfect.

Loved the weather vane on top of the horse stable. I also liked the graduation of colors.

Number two in the cockpit of a replica Thunderbird jet.

Number one in the cockpit of a "real" jet, with Papa and a docent explaining what does what.

Nana and number three in the shade.

Almost complete family photo (Hubby was taking the picture). Can you tell we're having fun yet? Actually we were, the kids just weren't cooperating for photo op time.
All in all a good day. Lots of food, sun and fun.

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