Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Moments

Meet my new kitchen faucet, her name is "Fairbury". I don't really like that name, so I'll be renaming her. She reminds me of a goose. Maybe because it's a "gooseneck" faucet? Anyways, I'll be thinking of a fun new name for her. And yes, she is a girl. Anything that I use the majority of the time is automatically a girl. Since I am chief dishwasher in our house, her and I will be clocking lots of quality time together.

Read this great post this morning about remembering that blogging is just that, blogging. It's not a popularity contest. Or a who has the most followers contest. Or a who has the most giveaways contest. Or a who has the best linky parties get the idea. A MuSt read for anyone in bloggy land.

Took the kids to Target this morning. Oldest had $1 from the "tooth fairy" that was burning a hole in his pocket, so we went to the dollar bins there. While there I decided to check out the school supply section. I LoVe school supplies. I don't know what it is about them, I love shopping for them. On a side note....24 count boxes of Crayola crayons are only $0.25!!

Ok, so this is what happened while we were there. We were walking down the main aisle, and we passed an end cap stocked with wines. Just as we were passing by, the top shelf buckled and 30 or so boxes of wine came tumbling down to the floor. Stocked under were glass wine bottles, which I was waiting for the boxes to take out on the way down. Thank you Lord, they didn't. First words out of number one's mouth? "Mommy, I didn't do it!!!". I was so relieved he didn't.

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