Thursday, July 8, 2010

Household "Hyacinths"

So lately I'm really all about finding "Hyacinths" for my soul. What are they you ask? Special little somethings that really make you happy, speak to you or just bring you joy. My Momma introduced me to this concept, and I'm all over it!

So from time to time I want to share my special things and hear about your special things! Today I wanted to share my "Hyacinths" for the house. Things I use while cleaning that make me happy, or make my life easier. Here they are, in no particular order.
So I discovered Caldrea products, and they are amazing! Target sells their line, a more budget friendly option. I bought their hand soap, in an awesome scent called "Olive Oil". It smells nothing like olive oil, but it does smell amazing and makes me sigh a little sigh every time I wash my hands at the kitchen sink. Oh, and did I mention I hide it from the other little grubby paws in the house and hoard it all to myself?
Hands down, the best dishwashing liquid ever. We have the top of the line dishwasher in our house, me! So I am always looking for a yummy smelling but hard working dishsoap, and this one definitely fits the bill! I have tried a few different scents of theirs, my favorites are "Geranium" and "Basil". Heavenly smells I tell you, I have no problem zoning out when doing the dishes while using this stuff.

Ok, I have a confession to make. I'm freakishly kinda neurotic when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. I like it to smell like a hospital when I'm done. Yeah, I'm sure that I'm killing lots of brain cells in the process but I like it to smell "clean". Lysol sells this super concentrated cleaner, one bottle will last you a year (seriously, if not longer). It cleans every gunk and gook you can find in the bathroom and you will be left with a both a clean and a clean smelling bathroom.

I am gonna say it, judge me if you will. I would give a long, lingering kiss to the person who invented this thing if I ever met them. The "magic eraser" is a gift from above. I cannot even begin to describe what I've gotten off of walls and floors with this thing. I cannot imagine my life without it, and that is not even a slight exaggeration.

I finally broke down a few years ago and asked for this for my birthday. I know, what a gift! But it actually has ended up being quite a gift to clean my floors. We have yicky old linoleum floors that have lots of nooks and crannies, perfect for collecting all sorts of creeping crud. That and my kids are the messiest eaters on the planet and my floors are always sporting whatever they've had for their meal. I love how easy this is to use, and while the refills are pricey I've found a way around part of that by figuring out how to refill the cleaning bottles with my own solution.

So there are my household "hyacinths". I'd love to hear about yours, I'm always on the lookout to add to my collection!

I am not being compensated at all for endorsing any of these products, they are just ones that I truly enjoy using!

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  1. I have to agree as far as the magic erasers go! I have to say that my Hyacinth is my free new in brand new still in the plastic new.....and still free!


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