Friday, May 28, 2010

Frugal Fresh Flowers

Want me to let you in on a little secret? How would you like to have beautiful, fresh, FREE flowers for your home? I don't know about you, but I really have come to enjoy having fresh flowers, but don't always like having to pay for them. Since I don't have flowers in my yard that are "vase" worthy, my free flower options are limited.

Ok, let me tell you what I do to get these beautiful FREE flowers. Number one, buy a pair of inexpensive but sharp pruning shears. Number two, put the pruners in your glove box or under seat storage in your car. Number three, when out and about and you see beautiful flowers in an EMPTY LOT or an ABANDONED PROPERTY ONLY, clip them. Viola, fresh FREE flowers! See, pretty easy!
Both arrangements were clipped from some overgrown plants at a home in our neighborhood that has been untended for years. There used to be an elderly lady that lived there, but she's been gone for a few years now and her once beautiful yard is now gone wild. These flowers were easily accessible from the sidewalk, I promise I didn't go trudging through her yard to get them.

I'm sure you've on more than one occasion seen pretty flowers on the side of the road, in an open field or another place that you've thought would look pretty on your kitchen table. Keep pruners in your car, and you can make your idea a reality!


  1. Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week! I love your ideas on how to get your hands on some fresh flowers for your home - I'm going to have to keep my eyes open next time I'm on a walk! :)

  2. Those are lovely...I love the bottom photo...

  3. Love the flowers. At least someone is appreciating them - you! and giving them a good home.

    Passed on the award you gave me - Thanks so much! it totally made my day. Hope you stop by :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  4. Love it!!! I am a flower thief ~ always was! When I was little I would collect beauty flowers for my mother while I was walking home from school. I would hop fences and run from dogs to get those pretty tulips and dafidills.
    30 yrs later and you will still sometimes find me sneaking around in my neighbor's yards for a fresh clipping of roses or lilacs.
    Enjoy your pretties!


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