Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Decorative Brads

So I've really been trying to get back into scrapbooking on a more consistent basis. Great because I'm getting things in my books. Bad because I'm staring to run out of supplies!

Now since I don't want to go and bust the bank I'm trying to start making more of my own scrapbook embellishments, since those seem to go the fastest. I had a box of plain brass brads from the office supply store, so I decided to start with them.

Numbers 1 and 2 are brads painted with acrylic paint and then given a top coat of clear nail polish. Think of all the possibilities here, how many of us have a ton of acrylic paint?!? Also, what if you added a layer of crackle medium between coats?

Number 3 is covered in sand. Now I just used sand from the sandbox out back, but what if you had special sand from a trip that you saved? What a great way to actually use it!

Number 4 is just covered in sparkly glitter. I gave it a quick coat with matte acrylic sealant to keep the glitter from falling off.

Number 5 is glitter glue. Simple as that.

Number 6 is a big pile of sequins.

Number 7 and 8 are sequin "flowers".

Number 9 is just a large sequin with a few small hearts glued on it. I only had a few of these floating around, great way to use up bits of this and that.

Numbers 10-13 are covered in....get ready for it......nail polish! Know how we've been paying for fancy "enameled" brads? That's what I made here, for nothing! I gave each a coat of clear nail polish to make them extra shiny. I am really excited about these, they look awesome.

Try making your own, I guarantee that you'll have fun customizing them for your needs. Plus, it's yet another way to truly make your LO your own.

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  1. These are so great! I love making my own stuff too to save $!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  2. Clever idea! Those looks great. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!

  3. This is great! who knew!!! : )


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