Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time To Get Serious About...

scrapbooking. I took SO many pictures at Disneyland, I know it was around 200! Now all of them won't make the cut, but I still have quite a few to work with. I am so behind with my scrapbooking it's not even funny. It's yet another thing I wish I was more on top of, sigh.

So to get myself motivated to get going I've been flipping through the kids baby books. My daughter's has the most completed. The girl stuff is so much cuter, maybe that's why more of her book is done? Anyhoo, here are some pictures of completed LO's from her baby book.

DD and her big brother, various moments.

DD's first birthday.

DD's first 4th of July, she was only a month and half old. It was SOOO hot that day, I was worried she was going to get heat stroke so I sat in the shade with her as much as I could.

Various " first" milestones. This was a fun LO to do, all sorts of different things here.

One of my favorite pictures from her first year of life. Sitting out on the front lawn, I got this candid shot of her playing in the grass. WOW....I miss those days.

So now I just need to get going and get more done! I have more than enough pictures and supplies to do it, just need to park it and get started!

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  1. I so admire you for doing such lovely pages! I get them in albums, tried my hand at online photo books, but have not been crafty enough for scrapbooks!

  2. I think the very nature of scrapbooks is being behind!

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