Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Path of Least Resistance

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Ok, so I'm about to get all emotional and philosophical on you.

God has been tugging at my heart for years. Years. He has called my name over and over. Whispered, softly, beckoning me to Him. He has been calling me to climb into His lap and just rest. Bring all the bags, the burdens, the thought life, the guilt, the shame, the anger, the hurt, the depression, the blame, the hunger. He wants me to bring it all with me and climb up into His lap and let Him hold it for me. He's asked me for years to give it to Him.

He doesn't just want me to give all of that to Him either. He wants me to leave it with Him. To not take it back. Either piece by piece or by putting it all in a bag and carrying it around. He wants me to give it to Him, leave it with Him and let Him take it on for me. He doesn't want me to carry it around anymore.

He tells me that I'm worth it. I'm worth the effort. I'm worth the fight. I'm worth the sacrifice. I'm worthy of His love. I'm worthy of a relationship with Him. I'm worthy of all that He wants to give me. I'm worth it.

He tells me that He loves me. He tells me through my children's laughter. In all the "I love you's" I hear from earthly lips. Through the eyes of my husband. In a beautiful sunset. Through the crisp morning air. He whispers it audibly to me. He tells me in His way hundreds of times a day.

His word tells me everything I need to know to get through this life on earth. How to deal with frustration and anger. Resentment and irritation. Sadness and doldrums. Ruts and pitfalls. His word tells me to trust in Him, to lay it at his feet and to walk away from it. Why to I cling onto it so tightly, like I need it to breathe?

His past tells me He's mighty. He's victorious. He'll save all who call out to Him. He'll restore. He'll stop evil dead in it's tracks.

His present tells me He's everywhere. He's patient. He's merciful. He gives unmeasurable grace.

His future tells me eternity.

He lights his path to me, it's clear as clear can be what path I need to be walking on. So many forks off that path, but the path itself is well marked. Etched into the ground by those that have walked it before me. Whenever I decide to stray off, I trip and stumble every time. I need to walk the path of least resistance, the path that leads to Him. Even better, give Him my hand so that He can walk the journey with me.

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  1. Ya, well after writing a post like that girl, of course your going to be emotional...WOW..powerful...Don't you just love when you can sit here and just pour out your heart like this to the One..the One that calls us worth it!

    Easter week was extremely emotional for me. I cried during every Mass I intended. One dear elderly lady said,,'are you ok honey'. I said, I'm just emotional, this is very powerful'..'do you need a hug' she says. Felt like it was Jesus coming and giving me a hug that day...

    Thank you for writing this, it ministered and encouraged my heart.


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