Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"There's Nothing Like A Mom"

I was watching Oprah the other day, which I rarely do. There was a young lady on the show that had lost her mother in hurricane Katrina.

She wasn't with her Mom when she died. Her mother had served in the armed forces and was buried in a military cemetery out in Colorado. The young lady couldn't afford to go and visit her mother, since she has lost everything and relocated to Texas to start a new life.

She was given a ticket to go and visit her mother's grave site. After searching for awhile, there were SO many graves it was hard to find, she found her Mom. The first words out of her mouth, once she could stop crying were, "There's nothing like a Mom."

I lost it...right there right then. That sentence hit me like a freight train. The relationship a child has with their Mother is like no other. Yes, Daddies are special. Mommies are different, the bond we have with our children is like NO other.

From that moment on, I made the conscious decision to be more "present" with my kids. To make memories with them that included me, for them, not for me.

The way I'm starting is by being in more pictures with them. Let me tell you, I really really dislike taking pictures. Always have. However I want my children to have pictures of me with them. So when we went to Disneyland I forced myself to be in lots of pictures.

It was hard, but I told myself over and over it's not for me, it's for them. My kids don't care that my complexion is yick. Or my hair is not cooperating. Or I need to lose serious baby weight.

They want to see me with them, smiling and interacting. They want to see Mommy spending time with them. They want to see memories of themselves with Mommy.

How can you start making your special "Mommy memories" today? If you don't have children yet, how can you make special memories with those that are special to you today?


  1. Well I didn't watch Oprah, but this post got me teary eyed..This was so beautiful Heather...

  2. Somebody else posted a similar story - one about a blogger who always made a point of taking photos with her kids no matter what...she shared her reasons with another Mom blogger (reasons similar to yours) and then she was taken from this world in an automobile accident...reading that story made me realize I need to be more intentional about it...there are a few from last summer that is the last time...I need to let it go...Thanks for sharing this post with me.

  3. Thank you for putting your thoughts on this into words. I've realized the importance in the back of my mind for a long time, but reading your post really drove the point home that I need to start taking pics with my kids NOW. Believe me, they'll have to dig and scrape to have picture of me as it stands right now! I also hate being in pictures. My hubby's family are slowly loosening me up after 2 years by constantly taking pictures at family gatherings. A glass of wine helps, too.


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