Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Ever Award

I am so very excited and humbled that the super sweet Emily over at Too Blessed To Stress gave me my very first blog award:) Thank you Emily, you made my day!

I also am supposed to tell you seven fun/silly/unknown facts about myself as part of my "acceptance speech". But, I don't have to worry about the background music starting up and cutting me off mid sentence! Seriously though, here are seven somewhat "interesting" facts about moi:

1. I met my hubby online.

2. I am the oldest of six kids.

3. I have a forked tongue.

4. I cannot step out of the shower onto a bare floor, there HAS to be a rug or towel on the ground.

5. I've kissed a banana slug.

6. I ran away from home when I was six because my mom wouldn't let me have dessert.

7. I killed my very first pet (a goldfish) because I "fed" it too many chlorine drops.

Wow, riveting stuff huh?:) Now I have the lovely pleasure of passing the award on to seven other lovely bloggers. Here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Gina at Not So Random Stuff. She has the amazing gift of blogging things that weigh on my heart and mind.

2. Jenny at Little Green Notebook. She is an "real" interior designer and she is giving me a new appreciation for things outside my normal box.

3. "Jane" at Tickleberry Farm. Her words are witty and her photography is beautiful.

4. "Lisa" (She doesn't share her real name) at Thy Hand Hath Provided. Awesome lady who's sharing her journey of life, kids, veggie growing, raising chickens and more. She makes me want 5 acres, pronto!

5. Meredith at Like Merchant Ships. Crazy smart lady, she is a plethora of information and inspiration on all things frugal and resourceful.

6. Matt and Ginny at The Atypical Life. Amazing, transparent couple sharing their journey of birth, death, healing and life anew. This a good read.

7. Karen at The Graphics Fairy. Fun website with fabulous free printable vintage graphics. It's like Christmas every day at her blog!


  1. Congrats on the award, and I DID love the information you was very interesting and had me giggling a few times. I ran away at that age too,,LOL..something my mother wouldn't allow either,,I just can't

  2. We have two things in common:
    * stepping on a mat outside the shower
    * running away from home (can't remember the reason - that was 47 years ago - gasp!)

    Thank you dearly for thinking of me in this way and by giving me this award. You're too kind. ((( hug )))

    jAne *


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