Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Picture Perfect Earring Holder

Ok, here's my take on the cute picture frame earring holders I've been seeing all over blog land. I've finally gotten past the "yanking" baby stage with my kids and can now wear dangling earrings and not just studs anymore. Yea for me!

A very sweet friend bought me an awesome stack of glittered scrapbook paper for my b'day this year. I picked out the sheet above, cut it to size and used spray adhesive to apply it to the cardboard backer of the picture frame.

I used my hot glue gun to affix plastic grid fencing (I had it left over from another use) to the inside of the front of the frame. The fencing was a lovely shade of grass green, so I spray painted it brown before using it.

Finished product, I think it turned out pretty cute! I think I still want to tweak it a bit, maybe add some cute ribbon or something to the front. The fencing material is really rigid, so it works really well for the earrings to hang from. And, since I already had everything on hand I spend exactly $0 on this project!

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  1. Love the grid fencing idea! how ingenious :)

    Also I am in love with that frame and the combo with the scrapbook paper. So creative!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. I have never seen that plastic grid fencing used... what a great idea! It turned out beautifully!! :)

  3. Wow! Why haven't I seen this before? I LOVE it! I have a teen daughter who this would be right up her alley as a project to do together. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! I love the frame you used too. It is a work of art!!!

    Thanks so much for linking it up!


  5. That looks fabulous! How great to be out of the earring yanking stage =D. I need to make something like this. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!

  6. That is great! Where did you get the plastic fencing? I think that would be a great gift idea for Christmas : ) Thanks for sharing!


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