Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

I was able to visit my favorite thrift store this past weekend while visiting my parents. I have found some wonderful things there in the years I've been shopping. You have to be patient with this store though, sometimes you'll walk out with lots and other times very little. This past weekend was a good run for me. Let me show you what I found!

First off, I paid a grand total of $14 and some odd cents for all of it. I bought 8 cafeteria trays (vintage), a pewter candlestick, a bookend, two sunhats, a boutique child's top and four woven decorative balls in all. Not bad I say!

These two sunhats were just too cute. The denim one is from Gymboree, it'll be a perfect little something for a friend of mine that's expecting her first baby. I love the details, especially the trim. The other floral hat is a bucket style hat for my daughter, Gap brand.

These decorative balls are huge, the pictures don't do them justice. Three are identical, I'd say they are 12" or so in diameter. The fourth one is even larger, I'd say 16" or so in diameter. The kids have already asked me if they can play soccer with them...so needless to say these will be up out of reach. I'm debating on wether to paint them or leave them as is, what do you think?

This bookend I'm definitely painting, I'm thinking my favorite ORB will look nice. I'm super excited on this find as I've been keeping my eyes open for a bookend or two for awhile now.

This candlestick is just too neat. I love the details along the base and the fluting on top. This thing is HeAvY too, and can you believe I only paid $2 for it?!? I don't own anything pewter and am excited that this is my first item I've found. BTW, does anyone have any good quick tips on how to tell if something is pewter? I always have trouble with that.

Thanks for listing to me brag describe all of my finds. Just wanted to show you that you can find nice things at thrift stores if you are patient and persistent. Happy hunting!


  1. great finds! :oD i especially like the bookend thingymabob. i'd paint it white and sand some of the paint off so the gold can peek out. i'm interested to know what color you'll paint it.


  2. I'm not sure I'd paint the decorative balls ... but I'm really interested in what you're planning to do with them!

  3. I would paint the balls. I like the bookend/finial and the vase. Very nice finds.


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