Monday, September 6, 2010

Cluckin' Hens

I have a bad habit...I tend to get kinda "clucky" around friends. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Little bit negative, somewhat gossip-y, sometimes a sour disposition. It's something that I've been aware of lately.

My time away from home isn't a very regular thing. Being a SAHM who also happens to be my kiddo's "teacher Mommy" limits the "me time" that I get. I always have the intention of enjoying myself when I go out with friends, look forward to the adult conversation. But when I get in my "clucky" mode, I end up coming home feeling like the evening was somewhat of a downer and I'm disappointed in my grumpy-ish attitude.

I really feel that the Lord is prompting and prodding my heart to look into this matter. I really am the type of person who vacillates between the glass half empty-glass half full mentality. I'm kinda unstable in that area you could say. My intentions are good, but my actions always aren't, hence my struggle with my "cluckiness".

What do you ladies do to help combat the plucky clucky syndrome that tends to affect us gals? What do you and your friends talk about? The same thing every time you get together (which I notice tends to bring on the grumbling) or do you try to talk about new topics of conversation? Have you noticed certain topics of conversation that get you going down the grippin' path? Are there certain topics that are "safe zones" that keep you in the clear? How do you put your cluckin' in check? I'd love to hear some suggestions, because I need them!

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  1. On a personal level, I try to look at my gripe and try it on for size - what if it were directed at me - would it be valid. It often is and so I am more willing to extend grace.

    If it isn't something that applies to me then I try to fit myself into their life insomuch as I know of it. Often I realize that they are acting out of a set of circumstances from which I might not act differently or if I did it would only be through God's grace.

    It helps when your friends have the same desire as you do to avoid gossip.

    If it is something that needs to be discussed I try to be positive and avoid names and details as much as possible.


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