Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 T's

1. Company picnics. Went to the water park today, the kids had so much fun. They are all water babies. What a blessing for my husband to work for a company that provides a free, fun time for it's employees.

2. Libraries. I appreciate all the wonderful books, DVD's and CD's you can get there.

3. Children's ministry workers. Those that love, recognize and appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of God's children.

Bonus #4. A husband who's willing to drive the long way home, just because his wife asked him to.

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  1. A good company for the husband is always a huge blessing, especially if he is the sole income - it makes life happier for the whole family. I adore the company my husband works for and the owners of the company are very special people (Christians too).


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