Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parenting Is Hard

So tonight is the kickoff of "Breakout" at church. Sort of like a evening Sunday School for kids. DS #1 and DD are totally excited about it. Been talking about it ALL summer. I'm even going to be the "coach" for my DD class.

DS #1 has food allergies. No gluten (wheat) or casein (dairy). Been that way since he was two and a half. Last six months, no let's say year, has been challenging with him. He's bucking the diet, sneaking into food. We finally had to put a lock on the fridge and keep pretty much anything he can't eat out of reach. Well, today he decided to drink my coffee (with creamer) which he knows is a big no no. So, no Breakout for him. It's gonna be a loooooonnnnngggggg day. Parenting is hard, pushovers need not apply.

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