Sunday, May 1, 2011

"A Life So Full It Seems Empty"

I read this passage today from the book I started awhile back, One Thousand Gifts . It really struck me, I can completely relate to what the author, Ann Voskamp is saying. A life so full it seems...empty. Monatonous. Predictable. Busy. Routine.

I think as a mother, my life tends to be pretty much on "auto pilot". It starts and ends the same pretty much every day. The fullness of each day is lost on me, because I tend to just go through the motions as a Mom so much of the time. Feed. Bathe. Instruct. Clean. Organize. Cook. I tick off the things I do every day in my head, my mental list of what I accomplish in a day. Since I think it's so "no brainer", I don't put much thought into it.

However, my life, it is so full.

My life is so abundant.

My gifts from God are lavishly given, I lose track of them.

My blessings are so many, they meld together and take a shape I don't choose to recognize.

My cup overflows so much that I don't realize it's past capacity and I see what can't be contained as opposed to the full reservoir I already have been blessed with.

My God loves me so much. He will provide. More. Abundantly. Every. Single. Day.

What I have is exactly what I need. He will give me just what I need. When I don't focus on what I don't have, and instead focus on what I already have, I will see what I already have been given. It's enough. It's a gift, given with purpose. Given from my God. Given. Not earned. A gift.

Sharing my thoughts today at Blessed Little Nest. Go check out her blog, it's worth the click!


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  1. That is such a good perspective! I often times do the same thing, just mindlessly go from one thing to another with the beauty of each day lost on me. I need to pause more, thanks for the reminder!


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