Monday, March 14, 2011

Cutting Board Signage

So my hubby made this cute little piggy cutting board in jr high, but it's been sitting in a drawer for years not being used. It's a bit, gross to use as a functioning board but I couldn't toss it. He made it after all. So the other day I finally had an idea, make a sign out of it!

I stencilled "eat" on it and I think it fits into our little kitchen just perfectly. I first used white acrylic paint, followed by a coat of red. I then sanded the letters to give it that weathered look. I then took brown shoe polish and "aged" the board, especially around the edges and also to darken up the letters a bit. The red was way to bright otherwise.

Don't have a cute board to use? Keep your eyes out while junking and I can guarantee that you'll find one. Make a cute sign for your kitchen, it's easy!

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  1. What a sweet thing to do with the board - great little treasure...

  2. That is seriously an awesome idea!!! I love it!! I would EAT with that in my kitchen!!! :)

  3. Great idea. I think it is lovely, and the best things in our home have stories behind them! ;)

  4. So cute! Love piggy crafts, this one is so adorable!


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