Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Look Back at 2009....

Some memories from the past year, in no particular order. Gingerbread Train
Happy Harvest!
Fairytale Town
Annual Harvest Festival photo (not the best this year!)
DD first (and hopefully only) "self" haircut
Our beautiful Patches, who adopted us. She is the best cat.
State Fair 2009
Family fun mini vacation
Me and Hubby
DS's first MLB game, SF Giants, they lost:(
Fun at Bass Pro Shop (that place is huge!)
Unexpected sweet moments
Trip to local firestation
Trip to Folsom Zoo
Lots and lots of fun at the park!
Lots of water play
First self built (with a bit of help) box car
First two wheeler
DS lost first tooth (and the second, a day later)
Fun trip to kid's science museum
So many fun and happy memories...what will 2010 bring? I hope lots and lots of the same!

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