Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's See...

10 days and counting 'till Christmas.

House is a B.O.M.B. Majorly. Nothing that can't be cleaned up in a good solid hour, but still unnerving. Why is it that I can't craft, teach and clean in unison?

Have my official "to do" list now. I try to put those off, but now I have one. Mostly gifts I need to finish up, shopping to do. I don't have a ton left, but need to keep track of it so I don't get more overwhelmed than I already am.

Remembering to include the fun stuff too. Today we decorated Patches "house" with wrapping paper and colored pictures. Her house is a over sized box. She tends to hide in it to escape all the hands that are constantly coming at her each day.

We still need to make our gingerbread men, have for a few years now. Our "tradition" so to speak, will make sure to make them GF.

Have my fave holiday movie waiting for me to watch. "Christmas Vacation" is my yearly holiday guilty pleasure, I always watch it while wrapping a big batch of gifts. I won't get to it tonight, but hopefully will tomorrow. It's so much fun.

More to do....it'll get done, if not then that'll be ok too!

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