Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Cake and Silly Faces

The other day we had a chance to do one of our fun Easter traditions, make our famous, "Bunny Cake". This year we even did things a bit differently, and made it GFCF. It turned out great!

We used jelly beans and salt water taffy from Trader Joes and some cake decorations my Mom picked up awhile ago. To make the "whiskers", we just stuck white toothpicks in a piece of salt water taffy. The rest is pretty self explanitory. Cute, no?

The kids and I had a lot of fun, and it's fun to carry on traditions. My grandma, or "Nanny" as I called her used to make these cakes for us grandkids. Once she passed away, they stopped, but I'm happy to start up the tradition again with my own kids.

What family traditions do you do with your family for Easter?

Linking up our pictures at "Embrace the Camera", click here to see more!:


  1. "Saved by one..." LOVE it. Your kids are precious!!

  2. I make a "He is Risen" cake--it's just that jello cake that was popular a few years back you spread whipped cream on and then I write "He is Risen" on it. Last year I was 8 days from delivering my 4th kiddo and I forgot (i.e. no energy!) and my others forgot about the tradition. sad. I'll def make up for it this year! <3

  3. oh...and the expression on your daughter's face in that last pic is hilarious! :) what a fun tradition!

  4. How cute! I'll love your daughter's look on her face!! XD


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