Monday, February 14, 2011

Coffee Can to Cute Container

A friend is having her first little one in a few weeks, and so this weekend I worked a gift for her. The nursery theme is Dick and Jane, (SO cute!) but I didn't have any Dick and Jane books lying around the house. However I did have a Richard Scary one, (who can find Goldbug?) so I decided to use it to make the above cute little container. I put flowers in it as you can see, but I'm sure that it can have all sorts of other uses.

I took the can, cleaned it out and got to work. First off I mod podged some book paper to the can. After it had dried I used some green electrical tape around the top and bottom to help cover up imperfections. Then I layered on some red grosgrain ribbon, followed by some white satin ribbon and then topped it off with some blue ric-rac. It looks really cute, no? And it works well with the primary colors in the nursery.

This is the finished gift, all packed up and ready to go. I took a lidded storage box from Ikea and padded it with tissue. In went the flower can, along with a few parenting devotionals, a few Dick and Jane board books, a bib, a cute bucket hat w/floral pin, a vintage children's book and an adorable crocheted baby sweater. She loved her gift, and I had fun putting it together for her.

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  1. Aww...I like the Richard Scary container.

    I also like the Dick and Jane box, nice job!!!

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    (John 3:16)

  2. By the way, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! :-3

  3. What an adorable and useful gift you gave her. So cute.

  4. that is a fantastic idea! I need a container for a potted plant I recieved a while ago. I've had it in this great red and white container for a while, but now that Valentines is over it looks out of place with the black and green - too christmasy :) I just may need to try this idea out. Thanks for sharing :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"


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