Friday, October 9, 2009

Enjoy Them

They are Oldest is six, middle is four and youngest is 2. I've been realizing lately that this time is going quickly. I have them all the time, I take it for granted. I see them everyday all day, so sometimes it takes me longer to realize they are bigger. That face is looking older. That voice is changing just a bit. More words are being added to the vocabulary. When all three of them are together and I can see those little stair stepped heads it really is starting to dawn on me. I'm gonna miss it when it's gone. Yes, even the fighting. The crying. The "give it back!!!". I'm going to miss the cuddling on the couch with book after book. Hearing, "Mommy pick me up, Mommy play with me, Mommy cuddle with me, Mommy hug me". Soon enough I'm gonna drive them nuts and they won't want to be in the same room with me, let alone hug me. I am SO blessed, beyond belief that I am able to spend so much time with them. It's not a's a blessing and I am realizing how much it is true.

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  1. So very true. My DD learned how to brush her own hair. I thought "Finally! No more tears because mommy does it the wrong way." But then I realized that it's one more thing mommy doesn't do and it's one more step towards adulthood. It's going too fast and I want it to stop!


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