Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Dollar Store 1 Minute Necklace

I honestly don't even know if it would take you a whole minute even to make this, but you'll definitely want to try it!

 I started off with these hooks that I picked up from a garage sale for $0.25.  Yes, I know they technically didn't come from the dollar store.  However most of them carry decorative ornie hooks like these, so I'm sure you won't have trouble getting your hands on them.

You then just interlink them together, and before you know it you have a lovely little necklace!  Easy as pie, right?

These hooks were a lovely shade of gold, no paint necessary.  However it would be just as easy to spraypaint them whatever color you'd like, or you could even give them a spray of acrylic topcoat to add shine and prevent them from tarnishing.

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  1. well aren't you a smarty-pants. :o)
    it's beautiful! i never woulda thunk to do that.

  2. I just saw these fancy ornament hooks at the Dollar Tree today, never say them anywhere before! And here you go and make a necklace out of them, aren't you clever!

  3. what a fun idea!!! you can even make those hooks out of wire too, it's not that hard :)

    I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday!


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