Monday, August 29, 2011


... has God taken a dandelion from you only to replace it with a rose?

Today I realized that I recieved a rose when I was drivng home from a Dr's appointment on a beautiful stretch of highway.

A few weeks ago I was lamenting on how I missed the open country roads I would drive on when we still lived at our old home. My parents live in a very populated area and unbuilt on land is all but extinct.

However there are two major highways that they live near. One is in constant gridlock for the most part. The other is a absolutely beautiful highway that cuts through the last of the open land in the area. Guess which highway I get to use when driving to the Dr's office?

Now that might be looked on as stretching it a little, but I have come to truly believe in my heart that God delights in the little as much as He does the lavish.

Where in your life has God taken something small that you enjoy and replaced it with something even more special that what was lost?

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  1. Such a pretty picture. Thank you for this story. I'd take the beautiful, less traveled on road any day.


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