Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First 10 Years

Ten years ago today, my life changed direction permanently. I said "I do", in a church on a opressively hot day in August. I was 24, young and super stressed out from a DIY wedding. Our ceremony was at 5, followed by a dinner reception outdoors. It was balmy, warm and joyous. We ate, drank, danced some and celebrated our commitment.

We honeymooned in Mendocino. We walked on the beach, ate lunches at quaint little spots, watched sunsets, and freaked out. Wow, did I just really make a huge mistake? Forever is...F O R E V E R. I love him, but did I make the right decision? Two days of worry from a post wedding recovery later and I knew that we would do this together.

Two and a half years of work. Lots of conversations about money, children, family, priorities. Many dinners in our little apartment in the "ghetto". God kept us safe there, and built the cornerstones of our union. We had so much fun there, laughter and "'re it".

Jackson was born, and our world changed forever. Sleep deprivation, stress of a new kind, the weight of the world on your shoulders. Our thought process shifted from "you and I" to "us and the baby". Work would prove somewhat tumultuous, but you weathered the storm and came out better on the other side.

Two years later, Peyton was born. Our girl, our little pink princess. Tears of thanksgiving, it's a girl, which is a big deal considering your family history of boys. Sweet pictures and meaningful memories. Juggling two kids, meeting multiple needs. More stress, more joy, the two intermingled in our family.

Two years (and a few months later) Mason was born. You and I added more mortar to our marriage with this birth. We were a team, working side by side to bring him into this world. Hours of walking the hospital floor to gently coax him out, and it worked! "What a lucky child, to have two great parents working like a team" the midwife said. She was right, our ability to be "two as one" really was perfected in those hours. I couldn't see then but I do know now what a gift that time was.

Now we find ourselves with three kids, 10 years of marriage under our belts and the future. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we know what we've learned so far. I cannot begin to explain the impact you have made on my life. Challenging me to forgive, look beyond, look inside, pray for wisdom, walk closer with God, parent with purpose. All are gifts you gave me ten years ago when you told me "I do". Thank you for your love, thank you for your sacrifices, and thank you for our family. I love you, happy tenth anniversary honey.


  1. Oh wow! What awesome words for the sweetheart in your life. May the Lord give you Many more wonderful, blessed years together as a couple and as a family :) Happy Anniversary!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. Beautiful memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing them with us and Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Happy anniversary! And many more years together!


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